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Magus Innovations

The Ultimate Attenuator, a bold name and a bold statement, something that until you play with one you won't know. We call it the Ultimate Attenuator because it is, pure and simple.

We've tried all the others and came up with essentially the same issues because they're all based on the same old, outdated engineering concept: inaccurate volume control, destructive tone circuitry, and a lot of frustration.

If you're like us you want a simple solution that gives you what you want when you want it. Your tone at any level, simple setup, and rock solid stability.

No more stepped levels or presets, no more tone dulling effects of passive designs, and no more decrease in frequency response. With the Ultimate Attenuator you get your tone from bedroom to concert levels.

Welcome to the Ultimate Attenuator, the most transparent and safest tube amplifier attenuator on the market in the world. Guaranteed.

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